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Direct Family Safety Grants

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It can be challenging for young children with autism to recognize danger and respond appropriately, leading to a high risk of running away and getting lost or injured. This leaves families stressed and worried, with many children unable to communicate their whereabouts or get help when needed. According to the National Autism Association, wandering is one of the most stressful behaviors associated with autism, affecting over half of parents.

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The Flutie Foundation is committed to keeping people and families with autism safe in their communities. Our Direct Family Safety Grants provide the critical funding for safety resources, such as installing a fence to prevent them from running into traffic or bodies of water. 

Our Direct Family Safety Grant is open to families all year round.

It has been amazing and a complete blessing to be able to have this fence.  We spent many days out there the past month and it’s a safe area for them to run around.  Both doors lock and my daughter cannot get out.  Our yard was unusable before as the street was so busy, but now we have a great yard for them to play.

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Direct Family Safety Grant Coverage

We understand the challenges that families face when caring for a child with autism who is prone to wandering. That’s why we offer assistance to families with children who wander, including funding for SafetyNet Tracking bracelets, which can help locate a missing child quickly. Additionally, we offer grants to help families install safety features in their homes, such as fences and alarm systems, to prevent wandering and ensure the safety of their loved ones. We want to alleviate the stress that families feel and provide them with the resources they need to keep their children safe.