Flutie family


Our Mission

To help people and families affected by autism live life to the fullest.

Smiling girl holding a sandwich

Our Vision

A world where people with autism lead productive lives where they are included, respected, and actively engaged in their communities.

Our Promise

Our programs and activities improve the quality of everyday life for people and families affected by autism along seven key dimensions that are critical to living each day fully.  We aim to provide a path for education and/or employment during the day; opportunities for physical and social activity outside of work/school; and the tools to be safe, supported, and informed at all times.

A day in the life of people and families living with autism

Our Culture

Flutie Foundation Culture

The Flutie Foundation community – led by our staff, with feedback from constituents including self-advocates, board members, families served, donors, and volunteers ~ have identified nine values that guide our work, actions, and behaviors. These values create our unique culture. Our goal is to live up to this culture daily, so that we can better serve people and families affected by autism.

Our own families, as well as the families we serve, are our highest priority.

Elevating people with autism, and their families, is at the forefront of all
Foundation actions.

Always treating all members of our Foundation community with
Kindness and respect.

Be action-oriented, strive for results and achievement, exceed goals and

Always go the extra mile for our community, staying true to our own unique style, brand, and mission.

Bring a spirit of fun and celebration to all we do.

Personal Growth, professional growth, mission growth, revenue growth, brand growth.

We invest in and support inclusive, diverse communities, and strive to
include people from all communities we serve at all levels of our Foundation.

All the Foundation’s work to improve the lives of people and families affected by autism is done in the name of – and to build the legacy of – Doug Flutie, Jr.