Flutie Watersports Program

Adaptive Water Activities

The Flutie Watersports Program is our adaptive program for people with autism that offers water sports activities including windsurfing, stand up paddling, and more, all taking place in a flat-water lagoon. In partnership with AccesSport America, we are proud to host our annual program that helps autistic people  build confidence in the water while also having fun and learning water safety.

Applications open in May 2023.

kids boating

About Flutie Watersports Program

Our adaptive program offers 50+ people with autism with the opportunity to take part in water activities and sports to build confidence and have fun. Thanks to our partners at AccesSport America, the instructor to participant ratio is often 1:1 or better.

Program Details:

  • Location: Malibu Beach in Boston, MA
  • Session Dates: June – August, 2023
  • Session Duration: 1:15hrs per session 

Participation and Safety Measures

Participant safety at Flutie Watersports is number one priority. Stable platforms and rigs are used to make everyone comfortable. Parents or adult caretakers are also encouraged to participate! Life jackets will be worn by all participants, staff, and all others on the water at all times during the program.

paddle boarding
Doug and Laurie Flutie

Our Partnership with AccesSport America

We are long-time, proud partners with AccesSport America! When Dougie Jr. was young, he participated in AccessSport America’s program and had the time of his life on the water. To this day, Dougie Jr. loves going out in the ocean on a surfboard with Doug. He loves the water and is able to stay active and have fun with his friends and family .