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Direct Financial Support

Financial Relief for Families

The Flutie Foundation was founded on the principle belief that providing direct financial support to individuals and families affected by autism is paramount to the progress of an autistic person. Our commitment to helping families cope with the significant financial burdens of caring for a loved one with autism is rooted in the Flutie family’s personal experience when Dougie Jr. was diagnosed with autism. The Fluties understood firsthand the significant and severe financial strain that families face in caring for a loved one with autism, and they wanted to make a meaningful difference by providing critical help where it is needed most.

Direct Financial Support

Direct Financial Support Programs and Grants

On average, caring for a loved one with autism can cost a family upwards of $60,000 per year. That’s why the Foundation has made it  our core priority to provide funds directly to families in need through these programs and grants. We provide immediate relief to families by funding critical needs like safety and wandering devices, technology for communication, access to art and music lessons, and admission to camps for people with autism. This support has impacted tens of thousands of lives, helping families gain access to the resources they need to live life to the fullest without the added financial load.

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Support Families

Our commitment to providing direct financial support  has made a tremendous impact on families affected by autism. To date, we have invested over $15 million in direct financial support, positively impacting tens of thousands of lives by contributing critical help where it is needed most. With your support, we can continue to offer these programs and grants  to give immediate relief and improve the quality of life for families with autism. Donate today and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.