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Flutie Funds

Instead of forming your own nonprofit organization or foundation – allow the Flutie Foundation to help.

We partner with and incubate grassroots autism organizations and family funds to make a greater collective impact. By starting a Flutie Fund, these organizations receive the critical infrastructure and bandwidth they often lack. Individual families as well as small organizations can jump-start their impact by joining under our umbrella and creating a Flutie Fund. 

Benefits of Starting a Flutie Fund

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Thinking of starting a nonprofit?

This is how the Flutie Foundation can help you get started:

• Fiscal Sponsorship which provides 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status
• Accounting and finances:
• Accounts payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Monthly financial reports
• Fundraising Support:
• Donation website
• Database
• Donor acknowledgement
• Collaborative Fundraising events
• Organizational development Support
• Coaching in all areas
• Networking/Collaborations

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Are you a donor philanthropist considering starting a fund for autism?

This is how the Flutie Foundation can help grow your impact:

• Accounting/Finances
• Facilitating all donations and all associated documentation
• Guidance
• Research/diligence on disability/autism-serving organizations
• Connections/Networking
• Introductions to like-minded people and organizations throughout the entire autism community

How to Start a Flutie Fund

Take your organization or family fund to the next level to make a deeper impact in the autism community. Join our brand and become a Flutie Fund, today. 

Click the link below to submit an interest form and someone from our team will be in touch with the next steps to start a Flutie Fund.

Meet Our Flutie Funds

Joey’s Fund 

Joey’s Fund was our first ever Flutie Fund. When Josephine Gay tragically passed away after Sandy Hook, the Gay Family came to us to start a family fund to give back to others in loving memory of their daughter, Joey. To date, Joey’s Fund has helped thousands of families through direct financial support. Together, with Joey’s Fund, we have invested over $400,000 in direct financial support to families over our 10 year partnership. 

Michael Borr Fund

The Borr Family Fund was established by Michael and Nancy Borr, in honor of their son Jonathan. The Flutie Foundation partners with the Borr family to provide micro-grants to organizations throughout Massachusetts. These micro-grants specifically target new, innovative approaches to community inclusion for people with profound autism.

Our Playability

Hallie Glassman is a teacher in the substantially separate classroom teacher at Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, MA. She and her coworkers noticed a significant lack of accessibility in one monumental area of their day: recess. This was incredibly apparent when they were not able to get a student using a wheelchair close enough to the only adaptive swing to safely transfer him into it.  Because of this, they started working towards creating a nonprofit to raise funds to build inclusive and accessible playgrounds. Instead of creating her own nonprofit, she saw the increased benefit of partnering with the Flutie Foundation to allow her to focus on her goals of inclusive and accessible play for all!

Spectrum for Hope

Spectrum for Hope joined forces with the Flutie Foundation to give back to families with multiple children with special needs. Mike and Sandra Anastasi created their own 501(c)3 and wanted to find a way to help even more families while also raising their own beloved family. We eased the administrative burdened and partnered together on many events including our annual gala.

Super Parents Support Group 

Priscilla Bessa saw the increased needs in her community of Brazilian families with children with autism. They needed access to resources, education, and financial support to care for their loved ones. Instead of creating her own 501(c)3, Priscilla joined forces with the Flutie Foundation to live under our umbrella as a Flutie Fund. She is able to have the support behind her to care for her families as their needs change and their loved ones are becoming more involved in their communities. 

Black Autism Coalition 

Cynthia Laine is a mom of 4 brilliant boys, two of whom are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Cynthia and her husband did not receive an instruction manual on how to care and advocate for their boys. The many challenging moments of isolation and confusion is what has brought her to this work of advocacy and support through BAC. Cynthia is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University where she obtained an Associate degree in Travel and Tourism and a Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management. She currently works as a financial coach educating families on how to build their legacy.

Cynthia is also an Haitian Creole interpreter and translator for IEP meetings in many cities of the Massachusetts’ school system. Cynthia is Charting Life Course Ambassador, a member of the Inaugural Advisory Board for the Massachusetts Association of Haitian Parents, and soon completing Families Leadership training through Mass Families.

The Black Autism Coalition promotes a culture of acceptance, understanding, and empowerment in the lives of individual and families with autism in the black and brown community. They work towards a vision that all individual of color with autism will have access to resources that promote a robust quality of life.

Joseph Chirichella Athletics 

The Flutie Foundation along with Joe Chirichella and Corinne Donaghey are passionate about health and active lifestyles for people and families affected by autism. Joseph Chirichella Athletics will support a variety of Flutie Foundation-sponsored health/fitness/athletics activities, including:

  • Sponsoring participants in summer camp, water sports, and/or athletics programs.
  • Supporting athletes with autism who enter road races, fundraising endurance events, etc. 
  • Supporting autism organizations and programs through grants as part of Flutie Foundation grant cycles.
  • Geographic in New Jersey and Massachusetts. 

In 2018, Joe Chirichella completed the 123rd Boston Marathon as part of Dougie’s Team.  Through his efforts, Joe raised $73,000 for the Flutie Foundation and its programs that are supporting people with autism.