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Run Flutie

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Our running brand at the Flutie Foundation, Run Flutie, is a brand dedicated to making a positive impact on the autism community through running. At Run Flutie, we believe that running is more than just a form of exercise – it can be a way to connect with others, raise critical funds, and help people with autism pursue their passions. Our program is comprised of three key parts: our Flutie 5K for Autism, Dougie’s Team for Autism, and the Adaptive Program for Autistic Runners. Each of these initiatives serves a unique purpose, but all share the same goal of making a difference in the lives of those affected by autism. Join us as we explore the power of running and its ability to create change within the autism community.


Flutie 5K for Autism

Founded in 2000 as the Flutie Foundation’s community event in Natick, MA, the Flutie 5K for Autism  has grown to a national event, encompassing satellite locations in multiple states while maintaining our flagship event in the Boston area. 

Whether you are a runner, walker, charity partner, or donor, joining the Flutie 5K means supporting a movement that is helping people affected by autism live life to the fullest – no matter where or how you take part.

Dougie’s Team for Autism

Our endurance fundraising running program, Dougie’s Team for Autism, has teams for prominent running events including the Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon, Falmouth Road Race, Berlin Marathon, runDisney events, and more! 

Join Dougie’s Team for Autism to raise critical funds for the autism community while being part of legendary races as part of a team movement.

Adaptive Program for Autistic Runners

We are the proud presenting sponsor of the Boston Marathon’s Adaptive Program for Runners. This partnership creates opportunities for runners with autism and other disabilities to participate in the legendary Boston Marathon. 

Our passion for supporting autistic runners extends to all of our events. Our brand, Run Flutie, promotes the inclusion and ALL runners and walkers, and we are excited to partner with autistic runners to help them achieve their running dreams.