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Meet Our Team

Noah Ferraresso

I’m Noah Ferraresso and I am a music performer and guitar player who also has a passion for adventure, cooking/baking
and looking up historic notes while reading a book.
I was raised and lived my whole life in the greater Boston suburb of Watertown, Massachusetts, where I enjoyed spending
time with my family, walking every street, and hanging out with school teachers and students.
In the summer of 2021, I made the biggest step of my life by moving from Watertown to Burlington, Vermont for
independent living, further education goals and a bright future, which I still enjoy up until today at a student dorm
institution called Mansfield Hall.
I’m a current student who’s in my second year at Community College Vermont (CCV), where I enjoy reaching out to my
professors because of the way they cooperate with me so I can remind myself of whatever tips I should follow and not get
left behind.
When I’m not working on college assignments, I enjoy researching book notes, hanging out with my friends at Mansfield,
walking in the sunshine down by the water, and playing inspiring folk songs on my guitar.
One day soon, I hope to produce my own podcast that focuses on guests in the spectrum or advocates of those on the
spectrum. I hope that one day I will be famous through that dream and that I will make a big difference in the world, like
the Doug Flutie Foundation does!