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Meet Our Team

Emma Mattocks

Hi my name is Emma Mattocks. I go to a therapeutic school called Perkins, in Lancaster, MA.  I am 17 years old in my senior year and excited for the big 18 birthday coming up. I live in the quiet and peaceful town in Hudson MA. I love and have an interest in a lot of activities!  Some of those interest’s are: photography, singing, swimming and jewelry making. I love taking pictures. I have the fondest memories of taking beautiful pictures at Gates Pond in Berlin, MA. 

I have always loved to sing ever since I was a little girl. It has always been a passion of mine. So I am happy to be a part of a group that is part of who “I am” and what I can do for others with my voice. I also love to swim. I have a fun swimming pool at my house, which I swim in everyday throughout the summer. I love sun bathing too! One of my comfort place’s has always been at the beach with the crash of the waves and the hot sand. I work at Aeropostale at the Solemn Pond Mall. I love my job. I love fashion. It is a perfect fit for me. 

I learned I had autism in Febuary, 2023. It was a real eye opener because once they told me I had it I thought now I know why I do the things I do. I wish to participate in Spectrum of Sound because I want to pursue singing and its cool that its associated with people who have autism like me!