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Kacie St. Sauveur

Kacie St. Sauveur is a musician born in Smithfield, RI. She was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Speech and occupational therapy were a large part of her life during elementary school where she learned to speak by age 5 and continued working on social skills through high school. In the 5th grade, to challenge herself, Kacie chose to play trumpet and joined the school band. She perfected her trumpet playing and was accepted into the All-State Band during high school, as well as The New England Intercollegiate Band during college where she became known as having perfect pitch. During her high school years, Kacie participated in band competitions playing trumpet and even accompanied the chorus on the piano during the Orlandofest competition as well as in Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Kacie was accepted into the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Wind Ensemble during her senior year of high school and later became a member of the Rhode Island College Wind Ensemble.  In 2021, Kacie graduated from Rhode Island College, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Her primary instrument is trumpet which she has been playing since 2008 and her secondary instrument is piano which she’s been playing since 2014. Kacie is a current member of the Warwick Symphony Orchestra and has been playing trumpet with this regional volunteer orchestra since March 2021. Kacie also volunteers weekly in the PVD Music Program at Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport playing piano for all arrivals. Kacie is a teacher’s aide at a day care center and teaches preschool age children how to play the keyboard. She also has a second job playing piano twice a week at a local senior living community. In the past two years, Kacie played Taps for the Disabled American Veterans of Rhode Island convention and even provided piano entertainment during their annual banquets. She has also played Taps at Veterans’ wakes and funerals. Kacie’s future goals include continuing to develop her musical ability, auditioning for additional orchestras, playing in a pit band, and providing piano accompaniment for choirs. Kacie loves playing all different kinds of music and her passion is performing for crowds of people who love listening to music. In Kacie’s own words, “Playing from the soul” can be used to describe every one of her performances!

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