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Rachel Barcellona

Rachel Barcellona

Singer, Public Speaker, Model, Author

A graduate of Dunedin High School who successfully completed her junior year at the University of South Florida, double majoring in English and communications. Rachel is an advocate for those with disabilities and has created her own non profit, The Ability Beyond Disabilities to inspire and help those that have challenges to strive for their dreams as well as to educate those who might not understand the challenges faced.

As an individual with Autism and epilepsy, she often felt like she could not do many things. Today Rachel is a spokesperson for the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at the University of South Florida (CARD-USF) and also on their board. She also holds board positions at Unicorn Children’s Foundation, The Els Center for Excellence as well as the Dyspraxia Foundation USA, all of which provide services to individuals with disabilities including occupational, physical along with music and art therapy. 

Rachel has won many state and national pageant titles and has performed the National Anthem at major sports events and at Madison Square Gardens.  She is an avid writer and is working on a series of fantasy novels. Click here to visit her Facebook and website.