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Meet Our Team

Ryan Lewis

Meet Ryan Lewis, a 31-year-old hailing from Rockland, Massachusetts. Ryan is a remarkable individual, proudly autistic, and a shining example of determination and passion.

When he’s not inspiring everyone with his resilience, you can find Ryan on the field, court, or ice, playing multiple sports for Special Olympics. Football, softball, basketball – you name it, he excels at it. In the past, he even showcased his skills on the golf course as a part of the SOMA golf team. And if that’s not impressive enough, Ryan is a dedicated member of the East Coast Jumbos Disabled Special Hockey team, proving that the sky’s the limit.

But it’s not just sports that light up his world. Ryan’s love for fishing knows no bounds, and he’s also the go-to stats guru for both Curry College and Rockland High School, showcasing his passion for numbers.