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Anthony Adelizzi

Anthony Adelizzi, Yarmouthport, Massachusetts

A Methodist University Student’s Perseverance

Anthony Adelizzi is currently a Junior at Methodist University, where he will complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Minor in Marketing, along with a Concentration in PGA Golf Management, in May 2025.

Golf has had a significant impact on his life. One of the most important things he has learned, while deciding on a career in golf, is that golf does not discriminate against age, disability, or status. Golf is a lifelong sport that connects us to one another, building lasting memories and friendships to be enjoyed by anyone who truly has a passion. Anthony has that passion!

Because of his lifelong challenge with Asperger’s Autism and General Anxiety Disorder since the age of five, Anthony decided to carve his own path to college, from non-acceptance to a college from high school due to social and academic standards, by taking courses at Cape Cod Community College, where he obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration which proved that he could succeed in college and his future ambition, a career in the golf industry.  

Continuing his journey at Methodist University, he has had the opportunity to meet great colleagues from all over the country, exemplary professors, and coaches while participating in golf seminars, Monarch Tour golf tournaments, unique club grip fittings, and ball testing events by major golf manufacturers that come to Methodist University to test and research new products. His dedication in academics has allowed him to achieve a GPA of 3.682 and Dean’s List Status, thus far. This year Anthony has applied to Titleist for a 2024 Summer Internship.

              On April 3, 2023, Anthony was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the Student Speaker at The Francis Ouimet Annual Fund Banquet, the largest golf dinner in America. This invaluable opportunity to tell his story in front of 1500 Ouimet Supporters, has given him an incredible amount of confidence and assistance with his challenges.

              Anthony’s future ambition is to work with golfers of all abilities, at Titleist’s advanced and innovative club fitting service center, to facilitate each golfers technique, as well as analyze and validate golf ball performance options, while furthering their love of the game. Finally, Anthony wants to encourage, engage, and inspire others to believe in their possibilities and dreams, to persevere because nothing is impossible. Golf is truly his passion!

*For further information about Anthony, please view his LinkedIn page at, where you can watch his speech as the Student Speaker on April 3, 2023, as well as a short promotional video about his life.