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Spring, we’re happy you’re here.  With you comes the promise of beautiful flowers (fingers crossed, New England), the beginning of summer, baseball season, and that extra amount of daylight in the evenings.

Spring is full of life.  That’s one of the reasons why we opted to start our “Full Life” blog this month – to celebrate the families affected by autism who are living life to the fullest.

We also wanted our first post to recognize you for helping us reach major milestones recently.  We hosted our 2nd Annual Night to Shine gala raising $135,000 and brought in a record $215,000 through Dougie’s Team, who completed the Boston Marathon once again this year for our cause.   We are deeply grateful for all of your support!

Starting now, this blog will be our place to spotlight both the Foundation’s achievements and yours — the families who inspire us every day.  We will ask experts to weigh in on issues surrounding autism, and provide practical tips for daily life.  We will tell you about programs and services that can help us along the way.  And we will ask for your valuable opinions and real-life experiences too.

When we started the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism in honor of our son, Dougie, 17 years ago, we knew that families needed help facing the financial challenges of autism and finding credible resources.  What surprised us most was how much we needed each other intellectually and emotionally as a community to talk about our experiences, to encourage each other and to share our successes to help one other.

We hope this blog becomes a place where we can do just that as one big family sharing in this similar journey.   We are so thankful for Dougie Jr. and how he inspires our family every day with his smile and enjoyment of life.  And we are also so thankful to each of you for making our lives fuller.  We hope to do the same for you.

Here’s to a full life!

Doug and Laurie Flutie

PS.  What issues or topics would you like us to talk about?   Share your comments or suggestions with us at so we can start a conversation to help your family and others in your journey with autism.