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In honor of Father’s Day, the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism celebrates all the dads out there raising kids on the spectrum.  They inspire us with their commitment, creativity and ability to connect with their kids.  

In uniquely special ways.   We wanted to share the following letter from Jake, a high-functioning 16-year-old from Hopkinton, MA.  His tribute to his dad gives us a glimpse of how important dads, parents, grandparents and friends are in the lives of those affected by autism.  We all can play a vital role in helping our loved ones live life to the fullest!  



Dear Dad, 



I know that we will not always get along, but I treasure the times we do.  I loved when we went snowmobiling and flipped over.  The times we caught the fish and Karissa caught the bird (haha).  I remember watching Hogan’s Heroes and Gilligan’s Island with you.  I also remember how many movies you fell asleep watching with me.  

However many bad times we might have, we will ALWAYS have the good ones more (like selfies at the Sox games). 



Jake aka Jacabo