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As a former police officer, I know firsthand when an individual goes missing, time is not on your side. Locating and safely returning a loved one as quickly as possible is the name of the game. As many of you know, wandering is an especially troubling concern within the autism community. Thankfully, technology has now stepped in to offer additional protection and peace of mind to keep your loved ones safe. SafetyNet Tracking Systems technology helps quickly find and bring your loved ones home by emitting radio frequency signals for local public safety officials to track.


Since 2011, we have proudly partnered with Flutie Family Safe & Secure Program by providing over 150 devices to caregivers of individuals with autism in select New England states with a history of wandering who could not otherwise afford them. Should a wandering event occur, here is how it works:


  1. You or another caregiver contacts local authorities.
  2. Trained search and rescue personnel track the radio signal from the SafetyNet Tracking Systems Bracelet while our certified partner agencies can assist in the search and rescue operation by accessing our secure database to find key client information: physical description, medical conditions, de-escalation techniques, and more.
  1. Once public safety officers locate your loved one, they would be able to rescue and return him or her home safely.


These are just some families that have received peace of mind through the Safe & Secure Partnership with the Flutie Foundation:


Aidan has had the tracking device for almost a year now. This device enables us to live with a newly found sense of security for our son. Due to his disability he lacks social awareness and age appropriate judgment which renders him vulnerable to getting lost in crowded spaces or wandering off within our neighborhood. Knowing that he can be located by local law enforcement within seconds, anywhere at any time, lessens our overall anxiety level as parents. It also enables us to venture out more within our community and enjoy many of the activities and experiences “typical” families get to partake in. We are beyond thankful to the Flutie Foundation for providing our son with the Safety Net tracking device.

-Kristie Borges


My son Sidikie loves wearing his bracelet. I talked to him about how the Bracelet will help keep him safe in case he goes out in the community or he leaves the house without me knowing. He thinks the bracelet is a watch, so he looks at it and says “Mom, it’s 8 o’clock!” . He shows it to everyone he comes across – he is so grateful for the help.

-Mary Sellu


My Nathaniel wears the bracelet on his right ankle. I put it there because he wouldn’t play with it. He know it’s there and it doesn’t bother him. He lets me check the battery every week to make sure it’s working – it has given me a huge sense of security.

Bonnie-Jean Fortes


Offering peace of mind to these families and hopefully countless more in the future.


All my best,

Ralph Poland

SafetyNet Tracking Systems Trainer